How do we work together?

Option 1. You place your order in my online shop

This is the common way of purchasing your AKKESOIR jewel. You can use the contact form if you would like to change the color of the glass pendant.

After usually 3-4 days (in Germany, and outside Europe delivery times may differ), you will receive your AKKESOIR with DHL-secured parcel service.

The creation of some items takes a little longer, if that is the case it will be stated in the product description.

Your jewel will be delivered in a jewelry box, including a polishing cloth and care description.

Option 2. You wish for a unique AKKESOIR

You might have become inspired but want something personal, something no one else has. Then you've come to the right place at AKKESOIR.

You can use the contact form for the first contact. Subsequently, I listen to your wishes and we will discuss all design details, as well as the pricing upfront. In comparison, this variant is the more pricey one, because I will create a unique piece of jewelry for you.

While designing I will keep you up to date and check in when busy creating. These are all essentials I value a lot. Your AKKESOIR will be ready after 2 weeks, always depending on your individual wish. Either you receive your piece of jewelry with DHL-secured parcel service or we meet in person. 

Your jewel will be delivered in a luxury jewelry box, including a polishing cloth and care description.

If you want a unique AKKESOIR send an email to:

Akke's favorites

When I think of jewelry, I think of attitude, personality, and self-expression. It's the one thing everyone notices and remembers about you.

I only create pieces of jewelry that I would wear myself. But of course, I have some favorite AKKESOIR jewels.

Find them here

AKKESOIR key pieces

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