By connecting and intertwining exquisite chains, and making unique combinations with elements like glass, AKKESOIR creates distinctive and sustainable jewelry inspired by and crafted for the individual.

‚My jewelry pieces are rather bold than fine, they radiate a statement.'

After winning the Burda New Faces Award, AKKESOIR was soon recognized by magazines, stylists, retail stores, and clients. With a keen sense of shape and color, underlined by high-end materials and finishings, Akke started designing stand-out jewelry pieces and bespoke pieces for private clients and retail stores, such as Quartier 206 and Luisa via Roma. This became her typical way of working in which Akke remains true to her motto, AKKESOIR makes you shine.

After the brand's comeback at the end of 2022, AKKESOIR is creating new treasure series twice a year, plus regularly new inter-seasonal flash items.

‚Material contrasts inspire me, I love contrast without conflict, things that may not go together at first glance.‘


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