How do I work?

My jewelry items are similar but always different, like family members. No mass production but pieces with a one-of-a-kind character and exclusive series.

I create jewelry inspired by and crafted for the individual

My creative process starts when visiting my supplier from whom I personally select high-quality, Germany-produced plated chains. The electroplating layers are 14ct. and 24 ct. gold, 925 fine silver, and silver palladium. 

Returning with full treasure boxes, I can hardly wait to start unpacking in my work studio. There I start connecting the chains, using different techniques such as weaving, knotting, and intertwining. Often I make combinations with other materials such as glass or vintage elements. All in a completely handmade process.  

Material contrasts inspire me, I love contrast without conflict, things that may not go together at first glance

I lay down the materials on my work table and look for new compositions and shapes. Often I compare this process to painting with materials or to making collages. I get inspired by the components themselves. I have to see and feel the whole process by moving the materials around. I connect and recompose them until they tell a new chain story. During my work process, I ask myself,

How do the materials behave together, and what new story emerges

My pieces of jewelry are rather bold than fine, they radiate a statement. I would describe my style as classic with an edgy twist. 

AKKESOIR is chain linking things together.



Akke's favorites

When I think of jewelry, I think of attitude, personality, and self-expression. It's the one thing everyone notices and remembers about you.

I only create pieces of jewelry that I would wear myself. But of course, I have some favorite AKKESOIR jewels.

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AKKESOIR key pieces

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