About me, Akke

I was raised in an eco-minded, professional sports family, where jewelry and fashion weren’t important. My creative streak was inspired by my glamorous aunts. I started developing a fascination for everything that glitters, fashion, and rock ’n roll, and started expressing myself through my clothes and styling.

As a teen, I was an athlete, like the rest of my family. But I realized I wanted to follow my creative calling. Sport however taught me discipline, and to never give up. 

I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht (NL), where I graduated in fashion and textile design. I did an internship in the design studio and manufactury of a Dutch accessories label in Bali, where I learned a lot about the accessory business as well as understanding different cultures. After living and working for a couple of years in Bali, I launched my first accessory collection in the Netherlands, this time in Amsterdam. 

However, I longed for a new environment, a more distinct creative space. Fascinated by the buzz of Berlin, in 2005 I made the move and Berlin has been my home ever since.  

In 2009, I launched the first iteration of AKKESOIR a collection of designer accessories. Life has had its ups and downs, I took a break, became a mother, and focused on other projects.

In 2022 I relaunched AKKESOIR - I missed the magic. AKKESOIR offers an extensive jewelry collection, bringing you magic and shine. 

Akke's favorite pieces