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Strangler necklace silver

Strangler necklace silver

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Unisex palladium silver plated chunky-fine necklace, comes with a one-of-a-kind Tiffany glass pendant in blue glow, fire or green glow. This cool necklace can be worn in several ways, and with or without the glass pendant. 

  • Length 44 | 50 cm.
  • High-quality palladium silver plated Germany-made brass chains, spring ring clasp and components.
  • One-of-a kind glass Tiffany pendant, approximately 4 cm, with palladium silver plated carabiner
  • Nickel free
  • Hand made in Berlin
  • Delivery within 2-3 days

Please keep in mind that the the glass pendants are unique, therefore color, shape and size may slightly differ from the picture. Given the origin of the glass pendants, irregularities are normal and part of the design. 

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How do I care for my AKKESOIR?

A piece of jewelry connects with its owner. The plating may become slightly matted over time due to oxidation. This is normal since our body chemistry influences the shine as well.

I advise you to prevent your item from direct exposure to perfume, sunscreen, lotions, and household cleaning products. Do not take your jewelry to the beach or pool, places we love, but sand, salt, and chlorinated water are jewel enemies.

Remove your jewelry whenever you know you are going for a swim or a workout. Simply avoiding tarnishes can greatly increase the life of your jewelry and reduce your maintenance time. Avoid sleeping in your jewelry. Taking it off while you snooze will help extend your jewelry’s lifetime a great deal. 

Don’t drop your jewelry, mainly the glass pendants, who can break when dropped. So be careful. 

You can use a jewelry polishing cloth to bring back the shine. You may further clean the jewelry with warm water and mild washing detergent, and follow the instructions in a designated jewelry bath solution. I only put my jewelry for a few seconds in a polishing bath, not longer. Rinse well afterward and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

To protect your jewelry, store it individually in a dry place and close the clasps to prevent the chains from knotting.

If you wish for a new plating, you can send an email to AKKESOIR offers this service at a fair price.